10 habits of someone you should never marry


1. Stay away from someone who is narrow- minded. Regarding how you are open minded, someone who is narrow-minded will have a really hard time leaving the dark side to adopt your way of thinking.

2. Avoid people who don’t like animals. Marry someone who has a place in their heart for animals and someone who is kind to animals.

3. Never marry a person who run away from relationship and don’t take it seriously. If you find yourself madly in love with a partner who has cheated on previous partners, reconsider your options. People who don’t follow the rules of relationship are unlikely to change although it does happen.

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4. Don’t marry someone who breaks promises. Find someone who does what they say. If you catch your potential spouse lying to you, reconsider the relationship. Of course, the severity of the lie can come into play, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that one lie leads to another.

5. Watch out for people who pick fights with you for no reason. A partner who doesn’t leave the past and keeps fighting over what’s already gone shouldn’t be considered for marriage. Someone who can’t forgive and forget is not someone you want to be married to at all.

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6. Don’t marry someone who doesn’t treat their family well. If your partner is mean to their family, there’s a good chance they will treat you the same way.

7. Watch out for people who don’t give any of their time to family members or even close friends.

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8. Avoid people with abusive personalities and language. If someone doesn’t make you feel good about yourself then there is no point in being in the relationship. Abuse comes in many forms. Reconsider your relationship if you are always on defense and waiting for the next fight.

10. Watch out for people who haven’t grown up yet. A lot of people don’t know how to take care of themselves these days. If you find yourself someone who hasn’t grown up, move away, you don’t need that in your life.

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