2019 Batch of nurses and midwives permanent postings

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The leadership of the current unemployed nurses and midwives has released a notice on the update of the 2019 graduates employment.

Below is the excerpts of the notice.

“`🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭PUBLIC NOTICE🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭


Felicitations from RNMA NEC/ RCNAP & RCNAC to all members. As communicated earlier, the meeting was held between MoH, Leadership of GRNMA, RNMA/RCNAP/RNAC & GNMTA.
Before the meeting commenced, RNMA leadership paid a courtesy call to GHS secretariat to authenticate the recent delay of their hologram. It was verified that, every information pertaining revolving around interns were duly submitted to MoH for appropriate processes.
It was unanimously agreed that, all stakeholders will be engaged on 29/09/2021.

1. Staff ID’s & it related issues.
2. Clearance & Permanent postings.

Nursing trainees chase govt for allowance


i) All interns who haven’t filled their IPPD forms should consult their HR’s for them to do the necessary.

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ii) Staff ID generations will commence next week and various IPPD forms will be worked on appropriately.
iii) Respective interns will be cleared as expected and other processes thereafter especially with GHS.

2) On clearance & postings, there was a unanimous decision by members & stakeholders present that, on 29/09/2021 a conclusion will be drawn and the necessary official document(s) will be made available to get all 2019 batch Nurses/Midwives employed.
In addition, HR Director, MoH & GRNMA National President added voice of concrete assurance to do their possible best to make a relieve on the stipulated date.

Notwithstanding, all affiliated groups of GRNMA (RNMA/RCNAP & RCNAC, GMNMTA,etc) were entreated/counseled to remain in their various circles to bring executional sanity as far as this profession is concerend.

We hereby, show appreciation to all stakeholders have shared in our journey as an association. To Dr. K. Asabire and staff, Mrs. Perpectual Ofori-Ampofo and affable GRNMA executives, chrished members of RNMA/RCNAP & RCNAC, we are so much pleased.

Good news for nurses and midwives

Leadership also wishes to caution members to desist from unproductive journals/ circular about nurses & midwives recruitment as well as interns issues.


Thank you


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