3 Mobile Apps You Can Access If You Need A Quick Loan Above GH¢500



At the moment, things have become very difficult due to the emergence of the corona pandemic.

Some government workers have lost their jobs as a result of their firm’s quest to reduce overcrowding in their workplaces.

If you are someone who has been under abject poverty as a result of the aforementioned obstructions, then this is the best article for you right now.


I will be Introducing you to three mobile applications from which you request a loan from. Kindly take note that all these mobile apps require no form of physìcal collateral. All you need to do is to pay back when your money is ready and you are good to go.

1. FIDO Loan

Currently, it is one mobile application that a lot of people are using to “sort themselves out” due to economic. Kindly note that the FIDO loan App is only available on Android Playstore.

All you need is a valid ID and few details about the yourself and you could be given a loan as high Ghc300-500 within a flash.

2. SikaPurse

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This is also a very trusted app for quick loan. With SikaPurse, you first need to creat an account with the app and then apply for the loan afterwards.


Kindly remember to put in realistic and rational details to better your chances of being granted the loan.

3. GhanaLending

Just as the name suggests it is an online lending platform specifically designed for Ghanaians who need urgent to cater for themselves.


With this app, you could be required to provide your telephone number. Remember the number should be registered under the Mtn Mobile Money payment system.

Usually, online lending apps require MTN Momo numbers for quick and easy disbursement.

Kindly make it a point to get one before registration for a loan.

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