3 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Girlfriend No Matter How Hard She Pushes You



In a relationship, it is not a good thing to keep secrets from each other. Keeping secrets is one of the things that easily causes breakups.

In normal life, there are some things you shouldn’t keep from your lover if you truly love her. Some of these things include your schedule.

In a relationship, there is the likelihood your partner would want to her from you every now and then. The moment she/he calls and is unable to reach you, you give her the impression you may be with somebody else.


To avoid giving him/her a reason to doubt you, always make it a point to disclose your day-to-day schedule to him/her. It is the only way she will trust you even if she has not heard from you for a long time.

After we have looked at one major thing you don’t have to keep a secret, let’s take a look at some of the things you should keep secret.

1. Your Salary

No matter how much you love her, never give her a fair idea of how much money you are worth. Doing this will only give her the opportunity to monitoring your net worth.


Supposing you tell her you earn Ghc3000 a month. She may one day ask you for an amount of money within that range knowing very well you can afford it.

Doing this will only put you in an inconvenient situation if you have a lot of expenses for that particular time she demands for financial support.

To be on the safer side, just keep it a secret.

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2. Your Flaws/ Your Weakpoint

Disclosing your flaws will only put you in a disadvantageous position.

Remember, there comes a time in a relationship when things get so complicated or hurt that one wants to do something to cause pain to the other.

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In a situation where you have disclosed what actually hurts you or breaks you, your lover can take advantage of it to hurt you deeply.

3. Your Family Issues

Remember, the lady in question is probably going to be part of your family in the near future, if only you have plans of getting married to her in the near future.


Try as much as possible not to reveal some negative things that go on in your family to her. Telling her these things will creat a bad picture of you because you represent everything you say about your family.

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