30% of pregnant women lose their lives to high blood pressure


Some advocates of high blood pressure bemoan the growing rate of the disease in a unique campaign called Life after 30.

Giving preference to maternal hypertension, the chief pediatric nurse at Corley Bow Teaching Hospital, Dr. Gabriel Gagnaglou, revealed 30% of pregnant women lose their lives in Corley Bowe due to untreated hypertension.

Dr. Gianaglu further stated that for those whose condition is not fatal, they experience effects that include premature labor or stillbirth, as well as stroke and other complications after childbirth.

Meanwhile, Madam Betty, founder Life after 30 The initiative also advised everyone and divers to visit medical centers for regular check-ups.

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Additionally, she learned that proper diagnosis is required for health practitioners to advise such patients on medication, proper diet, and exercise.

High blood pressure, which she said is a cancer that must be dealt with, is the main cause of stroke, blindness, impotence and kidney failure in people under the age of 40, adding that her organization is ready to help avoid such situations.

One of the senior public health nurses, Cindy Ofori Appiah, clarified some of the misconceptions that young people, usually women, have about the disease.

According to her, although people believe that high blood pressure is usually experienced by obese and elderly people, it is susceptible to everyone.

It also revealed that most of the symptoms that people diagnose themselves as malaria can be a warning of high blood pressure.

She added that those who like to smoke, drink alcohol and energy drinks should drink enough water and get enough rest to ensure a life free from high blood pressure.

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