4 foods to improve vagina health



Naturally a healthy vagina is one with balance PH level (with healthy bacteria meant to keep infections at bay).

It’s important to maintain a hygienic lifestyle as well as take in foods that benefit the body (as well as the vagina).

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For a healthy and PH balanced vagina, these foods help a lot:

A healthy vagina has a naturally acidic pH level and plenty of healthy bacteria to help ward off infections. Good hygiene and several foods can help keep your vagina healthy and your pH levels balanced.

Kale is great for vagina health because it’s rich in Vitamins C and A that help with immunity as well as proper blood circulation.

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It is great to include Kale as part of a diet or combined with other leafy greens which work to keep the vagina lubricated as well as keep itching and dryness at bay!

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Garlic smells funny but it’s filled with anti fungal and antimicrobial nutrients that help keep infections as well as vaginal discharges, itching/burning away from it!

Add garlic to your diets or eat it raw daily if the smell isn’t a turn off.

Lemons contain antioxidants that help both vaginal health by providing a balance of the pH level and healthy vagina needs. Lemon also works to help keep infection at bay.

Drinking lemon water daily/early in the morning helps the body and by extension the vagina.

Yoghurt -especially Greek yoghurt is great for overall vagina health as it keeps the vagina’s acid level just as it should be. Yoghurt is known to provide the ‘good bacteria’ in the vagina.

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