4 Signs She Is Playing You (Guys Beware)



A lady will never you the slightest hint if she is playing with your emotions. Usually, girls choose to play with the emotions of guys who tend to show them too much love.

A lady will go an extra mile to think ahead of you whenever she is playing with your feelings. Sometimes, she might look so innocent that you won’t have any single doubt about her lfor you.


As an observant gentleman, I have take time to critically consider some signs and characteristics ladies exhibit when they are playing with a guy’s feelings.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. She Is Always Asking You For Money

A lady who is truly in love with you will not feel comfortable asking you for money on a regular basis.


As a guy, the moment you realize the topic is all about money demands, just know she is playing.

2. She Doesn’t Care To Know Who You Really Are

All a player wants from a relationship is something that concerns her person interest

Have you ever come across a lady who seem not to be bordered about anything that has to do with your well-being?

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If you have then this lady in question is just playing around with you. She has no genuine feelings for you.

3. She Will Cancel Almost Every Important Plan Both Of You Make

If a lady really cares about you, she will keep in mind some important things about you.

One of the things she will never do is continuously cancel plans with you.

The moment you realize she is constantly cancelling every plan both of you agree on, just know there is no genuine feelings for you.

4. She “Blueticks” You Constantly/Intentionally

If a girl really likes you, she will always reply your messages. Even if she is busy, she will find a way to let you know she is busy before staying off your messages.


The moment you realize this girl is constantly rejecting your messages or finding dubious means not to reply your messages, just know she is playing you.

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