4 things you should never do for a man

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You don’t have to lose yourself or your happiness just because you are in a relationship with a man!

It’s amazing sometimes the things women do to please their men all in the name of love. Some even go so far as to lose themselves in the process of doing their best to preserve it.

However, the fact that some things are done in the name of love does not guarantee that they are the right things to do.Things a woman should not do to a man

Here are 5 things you should never do for a man.

If your man puts you in a position in which you are supposed to choose between and between your dream career, then put yourself first. Don’t let the tentacles of love steal your focus and aspirations. It’s your dream, don’t compromise for anything, rather be with someone who will be your cheerleader instead of increasing your headache.

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If you are not comfortable with his demands, don’t hide yourself just to prove your love for him, we are different people with different preferences, ideas, experiences and much more. He was making an object.Things a woman should never do for a man

Don’t change your appearance to your man just because of what he calls “his type” or “fetish.” He must love you for you, and All is yours. If your weight, hair, or style is really bothering him, he’s clearly not with you for the right reasons. Any physical changes you make should be made because you want them, not to gain attention or someone else’s.

Don’t give him so much power to act that his silence makes you doubt yourself. The strong woman plays by her rules and doesn’t sit down for instructions. You should be assertive and push forward with your decisions rather than seeking approval from someone else. You are old enough to know what works best for you.


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