4 true reasons why grooms cry at weddings

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Grooms cry for a number of reasons on their big days, here’s why:

While food, drink, cool clothes and all that good stuff are the most common things one usually sees at a wedding, it is also common to see little tears here and there.

Anyone can shed these tears, ranging from either spouse to either of their parents.

Grooms seem to be getting increasingly emotional on their big days as more clips and pictures of crying grooms continue to flow onto social media platforms and online spaces.

The groom had few tears while reading his vows and had to take out a handkerchief to wipe his face before leaning toward the first kiss.

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While we’re so happy that the salty tears didn’t spoil the sweetness of the couple’s first kiss, we also have to wonder, why was this groom crying? It could be one of the four reasons below:

They say there is something really touching about watching the woman of your dreams walk down the aisle while the sound of hymns fuels the air in a chapel.

Or when you have to take marriage vows already and the priest announces you, her husband, and her wife. They say the feeling is overwhelming, which is another reason grooms cry at weddings.

  • An interesting love story

There are grooms whose wedding stories do not follow the usual path others do.

For grooms who had to endure the initial rejection of the bride’s parents, or those who had to fight hard and put in a lot to get their parents’ permission to marry the girl of their dreams, watching that same woman slowly walk down the aisle towards them can lead to a rush of emotions so intense that the tears begin. In uncontrollably falling out on their cheeks.

One possible cause of grooms’ tears could be due to their closeness to their mothers.

Whether it is just the natural connection between a son and his mother or the type that is often talked about in sarcastic terms, grooms who share any form of deep contact with their mothers may find it difficult to hold back the tears, especially if they see a mummy dancing from those bittersweet tears. It comes when mothers realize their “little bird” is leaving their nest.

Although it is unlikely, one cannot completely ignore the possibility that one or two of these weeping groom did so due to it being unnecessarily dramatic at the ceremony.

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