5 Measures to Improve the Quality of Healthcare in Ghana

Measures to Improve the Quality of Healthcare in Ghana


Measures to Improve the Quality of Healthcare in Ghana

Measures to Improve the Quality of Healthcare in Ghana will be discussed in this article. Medical profession is an occupation that focuses on discovering, diagnosing, and treating ailments utilizing scientific and highly specialized knowledge in order to protect, promote, and restore good health.

It also refers to the group of people who are licensed to practice medicine in Ghana. The medical profession has existed for centuries. Among the originally studied professions, it is still the most learned and recognized worldwide.


Before the emergence and growth of other professions, the Medical Profession was the most recognized profession in pre-colonial Ghana, and the Medical Officer of Health was usually granted a larger-than-life position within the government.

How to Improve Medical Profession


The medical profession in Ghana can be improved if the current government follows the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations, which include the following:

  • A well-trained and adequately paid workforce
  • Functional Health Care System with a robust financial mechanism
  • Well maintained health facilities
  • Logistics to deliver quality medicine
  • Technology as well as Reliable information on which to base decisions and policies, etc

If the medical profession in Ghana wants to progress beyond what it is now, the government must play a significant role.

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A feasible and acceptable National Health Insurance Scheme should be established to ensure a steady flow of patients to both public and private hospitals, where skilled doctors can attend to them rather than relying on quacks; this will provide doctors more financial power and job satisfaction.

Medical schools should be well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and adequately funded so that the medical doctors who graduate are actually qualified for practice.

All medical stakeholders should continue to look for a more practical Blueprint that will allow Ghana to fulfill the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ratio of 1:600 (one doctor for every 600 people) for any country to have enough doctors for its population.

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