5 powerful relationship advice that can change your love life forever

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Five people remember their best love-life-changing relationship advice.

Many people dream of ongoing, endless, never-fading relationships … forever in the imaginative ideal sense.

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But sometimes along the way, it feels a little disappointing, and it just doesn’t feel the stars or the dream like we imagine. We’ve hit rough patches and we have to struggle to keep what is ours, stick to it tightly and never let this precious gift slip away from us.

At times like these, we need encouragement, and a little advice, to help us kindle the fires of passion and keep us on the path of love again.

Some people took to Reddit to share some of the wiser tips that have positively impacted their love lives and we decided to share all of the ones we found really helpful.Before blaming your partner and other factors, it is important to first look inside yourself. [Credit: NBC News]

One user shares her mother’s experience with selfishness and how she changed into more selflessness.

“When my mom and dad were on their second breakup, she was out with her best friend and she was venting about all the things she wanted him to change.

Her friend asked her, “What do you want to change about yourself?” He made my mom think about how she was negatively affecting marriage too and she realized that if she wanted him to change things about himself, she had to be willing to change things about herself and meet him halfway.Spouses are in love with each other [Credit: Morsa/Images Getty]

“I do the little things. Sometimes I definitely don’t want to get off the sofa and help my wife with something, but I know she really appreciates it when I do,” Another user says, before adding the following words in a poetic fashion;

“Big things build the structure, small things fill in the gaps.”

According to this lady, “There are definitely times when my husband tells me about a game or a movie and I don’t want to listen. But I always try it because it matters to him.”Whatever happens in the relationship, make sure that communication never dies. [Source: Video Block]

“I think the best relationship advice I’ve ever received is that you don’t always have to comfort them verbally and you can still tell them that you care just by being there,” Another user adds.

“Even if you are married, never stop dating your wife. Love is active,” one person shared, before someone supported it, said, “Don’t make everything about children. They won’t exist forever, but both of you will.”

Feel free to share with us the best relationship advice you’ve ever received in the comments section below.

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