5 reasons to kiss more in your relationship


If kissing has never been a strong part of your relationship, then you actually don’t know what you’re missing.

For some people, it is unreasonable for a person who hates kissing to express a desire to have a relationship. It’s like saying you want to work as a lifeguard in a public pool but never want him to splash water on you.

Below we list five reasons why you need to kiss more in your relationship.

Whether it’s a casual kiss on the forehead before the morning rush or when you snuggle up on a cold night that warms each other with kisses, the intimacy is established between the two partners when this happens.

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Imagine having sex without foreplay. I bet you dislike it. Now imagine that foreplay without kissing … is not attractive either, is it?

Kissing is very important to your sexual experience. It helps increase the chances of both partners having a good and enjoyable sexual experience.

Kisses improve bonding and intimacy in your relationship and marriage. And a marriage that is based on an ever-increasing bond is definitely a great marriage.

The more you are together, the more you know each other, and the stronger the love between you will be.

Kissing releases endorphins, and quotes Elle Woods From Legally Blond, Endorphins Make You Happy.

Now would you rather not kiss more?

Kisses also seem to help you relax your tired nerves.

It is said that the kissing is less Cortisol Levels. Cortisol is not good for the body because it negatively affects the immune system, the endocrine system, and brain health.

Now that you know kisses make everything better, wouldn’t you rather kiss more?

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