5 reasons why some men masturbate [Read]

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Medical doctor and clinical psychologist, Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur, revealed five reasons why most men masturbate whether or not they have a partner.

During an interview on eTV Ghana, a doctor defined masturbation as having sex with oneself or an imaginary person to achieve orgasms and a high sexual experience.

Starting with the reasons, he said, “Some people start masturbating because they’ve heard it and want to try it so they don’t really plan for it. There’s no agenda. They just try it. The second is that some people recognize it too early. There are some kids who masturbate.” Masturbation due to a domestic help or a cousin or relative introduced them at such a young age that they lose control of this type of behavior.”

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He offered another similar reason that some men masturbate as a way to deal with that traumatic experience that they can’t get over. He said that a person who has been raped in the past, may prefer to masturbate when they feel the need to have sex simply because they do not want to engage in the actual act and are reminded of their traumatic rape experience.

In further discussion, Dr. Arthur mentioned that some men use masturbation as a way to deal with difficult life situations and stress because sexual intercourse or orgasms act largely as a stress reliever due to the essential hormones being released.


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Once again, the doctor revealed that some men masturbate out of anomalies. “Some people may be addicted to some type of pornography or sexual behavior and may use masturbation as a way to get away from that sexual behavior,” he said.

Finally, the doctor noted that some people use masturbation as a method of abstaining from sex because intercourse is preached as a morally wrong act that they indulge in when unmarried. He added that some married men masturbate when their partners are away or when sex is inappropriate so as not to overwhelm her.

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