5 ways you can handle your desires when single


If you are single, you will need to learn to handle your desires.

Being single isn’t easy especially when your friends go on and on about how awesome their night before was when you sat down and sipped your juice.

Before you start feeling shy and uncomfortable, having urges is totally normal and nothing bad.

Since it’s such a common occurrence, if you’re single, you’ll need to learn to handle your urges. And these desires are not based on gender, it goes without saying that we all experienced them.

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For women, these desires can be stronger during ovulation and after the menstrual cycle. Being single and experiencing these desires is tough, to say the least. Having said that, here’s how to handle if you’re single:

  • Accept that it’s totally normal

First and foremost, you shouldn’t feel bad about these cravings because they are totally normal. I know you’re wondering where they come from considering you’re literally no one to tune in. Well, it’s totally normal and your hormones or your brain could be the cause. Don’t feel shy but accept that it is part of life and everyone has these desires.

  • You do not necessarily have to heed these desires

Your mind is stronger than your desires. I know sometimes you want someone to give you 365 days trial but well you’re single, right? You can distract yourself from thinking about the things that excite you by focusing on other things. If you must, go out and get some ice cream or grocery shopping.

No matter how controversial it is, you can choose to go about it. If the urge is too strong for you, find safe ways to entertain yourself. But do not make this a habit as it can become addictive and have an effect on sexual life.

  • Find a Friend With Benefits (FWB)

Well, friends with benefits are known to come whenever we need to fulfill our desires. This may not be for everyone, but if it is possible to have one partner with no associated feelings, why not? Just make sure it’s safe and that the arrangement is done by mutual consent.

If the condition is very severe and affects many aspects of your life, seek treatment. Sometimes, sexual desires can be overwhelming because you are unable to control them.

If it’s starting to affect your work or social life, it’s time to see a professional because you also risk affecting your future relationships. Don’t feel ashamed about this as it is very normal, and seeking professional help is a great way to deal with this.

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