7 reasons women do not like you; what you need to do to be more attractive

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While many will say that you need to be who you are and the lady you like will definitely come your way, others will also say that the way you pack yourself really matters.

Getting the right woman and attracting her as a man goes beyond who you are and why you might think you don’t need to make changes in your life.

Well, this must be the reason why women don’t really like you even though you might think you have what it takes to attract any woman you love.

Oh man, these seven reasons, if you humbly kiss her and make the necessary changes in your life, then you will not only be able to attract the right woman but you will also be the perfect man that everyone wants to be with.

These are the seven reasons women don’t like you

1, you’re so noisy: Are you the man who wants everyone to listen to you? Are you the one with the loudest voice in the room and always the decider? Well, that’s definitely a big turning point for most women who would prefer a quiet guy over a boisterous guy.

2, you are living an uninspiring life: Well, your life sucks! This is exactly what it means. It seems that you do not understand your life. Zero ambition, zero leadership and zero chance to make that woman love you.

3, Slow Down To Praise Her Body: Are you that guy who always says “Hey baby, you look sexy?” Well, not many ladies want their bodies to be the center of any conversation. She knows, she’s so talented, she doesn’t need validation. Drop it.

4, you are so arrogant: You are not ready to accept and consider other people’s opinions. You seem “the master know everything.” This is a big turn-off for women. While confidence is admirable, women prefer to settle down with someone who listens to their opinions and is considerate.

5, your look is not so good: This point cannot be overstated. Who you are is definitely what you attract, but as you strive to look great, pay close attention to your situation. Your behavior complements your appearance and makes you more attractive.

6, you talk a lot: Just damned shut up, man. Many women like men who are slow to speak but quick to listen Don’t be too full of yourself and stop talking about yourself. It is a complete group.

7, You are too clingy: Let her take room to breathe. She doesn’t always want you to be in her place. Stop bombarding her with so many texts … she has a life to live.

These are the points that broadcaster Jessica Opare-Saforo made in a Youtube video that she shared on her channel that got a good source

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Check out the video below:

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