7 weird things men find attractive in women

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These Nigerian men talk to Pulse about their quirky attractions and funky things that they find fascinating.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 strangest things men say they find attractive in women.

It’s very easy to guess what men generally find attractive in women – beautiful face, cute curves, good manners, and everything else cute.

While we can go on mentioning the great, endearing traits that almost every man is attracted to with a heartbeat, we have also discovered, from researching and questioning men, that there are some strange things men love about women, things they love that they never thought or imagined.

Some of these things are “special” personal preferences, some of them are a bit common among men … but they are all weird at all.

Below, we’re listing seven weird things men find attractive in women – watch out for the numbers 3 and 4!

It is not a weakness in the sense of not being able to stand up and talk about yourself, or being weak but like Francis Put it down “I like it when my girl calls me to help her solve puzzles, raise things, or provide answers to the things that confuse her. I think it’s so cute. It makes me feel like a man.”

Everyone loves to get their ego hit once in a while, right?

From the way men complain about women wasting time in makeup, it’s very strange to discover that some men actually like to watch them.

But Obinna really likes. “There’s an amazing thing about watching my baby wear makeup. I just sit and watch her do all of those things. I love him and of course I love seeing her wearing makeup nicely,” He says.

Foundation for a relationship on Flick, perhaps?

OK. This is straight freak AF. Who loves a stubborn woman, right?

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we will, Shibuzur Says ; “I like stubbornness in a woman … I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, I just do.”

It’s probably a matter of knowing a woman can stand up for her position, and sticking when she needs to.

It never crossed my mind that the word stretch mark and attractiveness would be used in the same sentence, but some guys actually find stretch marks cute.

Follarin, 26, tells us it’s about a woman’s love “Despite its flaws.”

fair enough.

This is very common and understandable – usually the women who wear the glasses are very good looking.

Why makes this our list is because women who wear glasses sometimes fear that they are unattractive because of it.

If you just know how these frames make you awesome! There are no very attractive makeup faces to some of the other men.

“I just love it when you feel comfortable around me without makeup. I feel like she needs to know that with or without makeup, I find her gorgeous.” Says Ibid.

While it’s cool to be well-behaved, and cool, quite a number of men have also shown an interest in women with clumsy and goofy sides – those who aren’t always serious or nervous and can make those crazy faces for selfies.

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