7-year-old boy charged with rape


Seven-year-old child was charged with rape after an alleged incident Thanksgiving In upstate New York.

New York State Police charged the unidentified child, from Brasher Falls near the US-Canadian border, with third-degree rape on March 23, according to WWNY.

The boy has been released and will reportedly be prosecuted as a delinquent.

Authorities said the incident was first reported on November 26.

No further details were disclosed about the accident or the age of the alleged victim.

DailyMail.com contacted the New York State Police for comment.

It is also not clear what relationship, if any, between the suspect and the victim is to each other, but the police said the case will be dealt with in family court.

Queens’ lawyer handling the youth defense has criticized the authorities as “ridiculous” for bringing charges against the seven-year-old, and said he believed it was “almost impossible” for them to hold on.

Anthony Marton said, “Instinctively, it shouldn’t happen to a seven-year-old – I don’t think you even can really realize what you’re doing at the age of seven.”

“So I think it is absurd to charge a seven-year-old child with rape. They will have to prove that he actually committed this act physically, which to me seems almost impossible.”

Under current New York state law, children seven years of age and over can be arrested and tried as juvenile delinquents.

Lawmakers are currently trying to pass a bill across Albany to increase the minimum age to 12 years after a series of controversial arrests of young children.

Man jailed 400 years for defilement


In February, horrific footage emerged of a nine-year-old black girl being sprinkled with pepper by Rochester cops begging “Please don’t do this to me” and “She’s on fire.”

A video clip of the January 29 incident showed the handcuffed girl in the back of a police car crying while the police officers told her, “You did it yourself.”

The incident sparked an uproar and renewed calls to raise the minimum age for criminal prosecution statewide.

Public defense groups calling for change also point to the 2015 incident in which a 10-year-old Bronx boy, known only as AW, was arrested by the New York Police Department after his two-year-old sister suffered burns when she put it on the radiator.

He was handcuffed and taken to a police station where he was interrogated by the police alone.

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