9 items you don’t want to share with even your shadow


There may be many times when it is okay to not love your neighbor enough to share it with him.

There is love in sharing. But there are times when this love can get you in real trouble.

When it comes to sharing some personal items with another person, you should probably think about it for a minute before saying yes, because no is what you really have to say.

Other than secrets, here are nine other things you should never share with anyone!

Nobody ever thinks that sharing a bar of soap with someone is too lazy to run out of it and getting one for themselves is dangerous because soap is supposed to clean itself, right?

Except, they really don’t.

The buildup of fungi, bacteria, and possibly yeast on the bars of soap run counter to the myth that they clean themselves by themselves and are totally safe to share with others.

Soap bar soap has no problem in retaining microorganisms from your skin, such as pathogens that can cause infections and diseases when shared with others.

This is obvious, but it appears to be common practice nonetheless.

Other than the very obvious reason that sharing towels with anyone is so painful, it can infect you with bacteria and fungi because the towels are a breeding ground for germs.

Again, it’s hard to understand why anyone would want to share their toothbrush vision because it is one of your most private parts, but it happens a lot.

The bristles on toothbrushes retain bacteria, and hybridizing your own with someone else’s bacteria may give birth to very unfortunate, but possibly well-deserved, pathogens that can lead to colds or bacteria.

In the event of accidental bleeding gums this can get worse very quickly that anyone would like to give it credit.

The health industry is either trying to save you from a lot of trouble, or trying to sell a lot of toothbrushes.

With their sharp ends, earrings are prone to occasional skin pricks and can easily transmit any kind of bloodborne disease you could imagine if two people shared them randomly.

Yes, sometimes you might want to show off your friend’s earring that you refused to buy for yourself, but is it worth killing it?

If you want an impromptu lice party on your head, share it away.

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seriously, Do not.

Human fingers, as you can see, are one of the largest germs repositories for their reproduction.

Therefore, any time a foreign person dips a crime scene into a bowl of your silky comfort, new germs contaminate the entire jar, which means that the next time you use it, you will likely be carrying the reward of his sin on your body.

Bacteria such as streptococcus or staphylococcus that can cause inflammation of hair follicles and acne are some of the results that can be obtained from sharing your cream with another person.

The only way to safely share is if a clean tool is used to extract the cream from the jar, but why would you want to dwell on this issue instead of just saying?

Human lips are the keepers on a vast network of blood vessels hidden just below the surface, waiting to absorb germs and cold sores that you can put on them from something in common, like lip balm.

Lip Balm Sharing – Bad. OK?

It is difficult to think that there are people who do not already know the dangers of sharing a razor with other people in this day and age; But for seriously beginners, sharing a razor is a bad idea!

It is very easy for dead skin cells and bacteria to accumulate on razors, and this can easily transfer warts and fungi when shared.

It is worse when it comes into contact with the user’s blood and becomes a carrier of blood-borne diseases such as herpes and HIV.

Nail clippers do not receive the same instant suspicion as razors, but the same risks apply when sharing them.

You hate being a monster who breaks it for you, but you could mess up this new monster album at work and dig the dimples out of your ear the next day because you shared your headphones with Jennifer From the accounting department.

This isn’t necessarily because Jennifer is a harvester for ear boils, but because studies have shown that earphones generate bacteria from the ears as you move your head into Jay-Z Or inspect your home training for Little doctor.

Bacteria, such as staphylococcus and staph bacteria, can accumulate on the earphones and jump aboard the vessel any time it gets involved, causing infection, boils, or blisters.

The only way to safely share the earbuds with Jennifer is if you clean them properly with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol before passing it on; But is it the worst thing in the world to be armed for a legitimate reason for saying “no” to the next person who quickly asks to use your headphones?

Go get your jennifer earbuds!

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