Can prepekese cause miscarriage?(2022)

prepekese cause miscarriage


Can prepekese cause miscarriage?(2022)

can prepekese cause miscarriage??When consumed regularly, it has been said to help with diabetes and glucose levels, reducing hypertension, lowering blood pressure, providing essential postpartum nutrients that restore blood loss and produce milk, relieving fevers and showing wound-healing effects

can prepekese cause miscarriage



Prekese cannot cause miscarriage. However, it comes with several health benefits to pregnant women.

Prekese is a spice popular found in Ghana and other parts of West Africa. A lot are the benefits that comes with this amazing spice. Below are some of the few health benefits of prekese.

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The pod is used in the preparation of soups, especially palm fruit soup and other light soups. It is placed in the boiling soup some minutes before the soup is ready. It is used as a spice and source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and lipids. The Asante people have used it as a spice over a century

  • control diabetes
  • can be used as a mosquito repellant
  • used for postpartum care
  • used to control fever
  • it has wound healing properties
  • has antibacterial properties
  • used to manage convulsion
  • has anti inflammatory properties
  • used to treat hypertention
  • supports the immune system
  • used to treat gastrointestinal conditions

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