Canadian govt announces big package for Ghanaian women


The Canadian government has supported the country with development projects worth around 50 million Canadian dollars over the past two years.

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According to the Canadian High Commissioner in Ghana, Katie Chapa, about $ 150,000 will be directed to the agricultural sector and other support plans to help the country achieve sustainable economic growth.

“We present Ghana’s bilateral portfolio development projects every year, with a value of approximately 50 million Canadian dollars. Each of those projects that are funded within that portfolio is developed over a longer period of time. We support the work to achieve inclusive economic growth, support agricultural growth in Ghana, and it is our pioneering program with 125 million Canadian dollars earmarked for it.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government announced 30 million Canadian dollars, equivalent to 138 million Canadian dollars, to support four innovative projects over a period of four to five years. Around 31,000 Ghanaian women across the country are expected to benefit directly from the funding.

Revealing this at the launch of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project in Ghana, Katie Chapa said: “From today’s learning sessions on business development and access to finance to promising practices that will be identified in the field and lessons learned that will be documented through monitoring and evaluation, Canada is committed to learning. Through these projects, I am excited, optimistic and perhaps impatient to witness the next decade of Ghana’s economic growth. ”

Kosi Yankee A, Executive Director of the Ghana Enterprise Agency, which represented the Minister of Trade, welcomed the support and said that the government, through the Ghana Enterprise Agency, disbursed money, 80% of which went to vulnerable women. This was through the COVID-19 Mitigation Fund.

Our informal sector is huge and most of them are women. It is high time our interventions and the work we do move them from the informal sector to a more formal and sustainable sector so that when challenges like a pandemic occur, they are still resilient.

“In keeping our focus on women and taking advantage of key government programs, the government has helped alleviate the plight of Ghanaians after and during COVID-19. They have introduced the Coronavirus Mitigation Program. In all, we had about 9,000 applicants, nearly 60% of them women. , 80% are in the informal sector and there has also been a conscious effort on our part to ensure that women are included in the informal sector, ”the CEO said.

The four projects target Ghanaian women, from specific urban, semi-urban and rural areas in eight regions of the country currently experiencing poverty.

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