Check out 10 facts about KiDi you probably didn’t know

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Aside from being an award-winning Ghanaian artist, Kiddie has provided ten other facts about himself that were not yet known to many.

Honor studio Adom TV In Ahosepe Xtra Entertainment Always, KiDi takes on a challenge to answer personal questions about his childhood as well as his future.

Provided there was no follow-up to a question, host Sister Sandy couldn’t help but be amazed at the staggering responses the musician gave.

Here’s a two-minute KiDi reaction with Sister Sandy:

Sister Sandy – Were your parents strict?
KDE – Very strict. I remember when I was young, when I came back from school dirty, my mother would hang the uniform outside so he could see my dad and deal with me.

Sister Sandy Have you ever fallen in love with two people?
KDE – Yes sure!

Sister Sandy What was the last lie you told?
KDE – I was asleep when I wasn’t asleep. It is always a new lie.

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Sister Sandy Have you ever had an accident?
KDE – Countless times

Sister Sandy – Do you trust anyone?
KDE – No!

Sister Sandy What would you do if you discovered that your son is not your son?
KDE – Life goes on, but I will hurt very much, not a lie. Things happen, life goes on. You live and learn.

Sister Sandy – Wake up in the body of a celebrity, who will it be?
KDE Drake or Chris Brown: I like their lifestyle

Sister Sandy If you choose any age for the next week, what will it be?
KDE – 30. Between young and old. You are suitable for both.

Sister Sandy A week without showering or changing clothes, whichever you choose?
KDE – Clothes; Absolutely not take a shower


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