Check out new prices of sachet and packaged water effective March 15


The National Association of Sachet And Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) has clarified an announcement of a price review of sachet water which takes effect from March 15.

An earlier release had anomalies in the proposed price. And a new press release, signed by NASPAWAP President, Magnus Nunoo, seeks to iron out the confusion.

The release announced that a proposed price for iced sachet water had been pegged at 30 pesewas for retailers since a review meeting in 2019.

Ex-factory price will now be GH¢ 2.50, and ex-truck price or retail price from distribution trucks will be GH¢ 3.5.

However, bulk purchases constituting 200 bags and above would be given at sales or depot price of GH¢ 3.00.

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The public may, thus, be buying at GH¢ 4 to GH¢ 6 per bag from retail shops and marts depending on location.

NASPAWAP also admitted to have taken notice of some brands not properly certified by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

It termed such brands produced in garages, kitchens, compound houses and unseen environments as ‘Abolowe.’

Thus, the Association cautioned Ghanaians to be wary of their drinking water choices and check on the sachet, particularly for the FDA number when in doubt.


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