Courses That Are In Demand In Ghana



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Graduating students are clearly divided into groups based on their academic performance during their time in school. But there is one thing they all have in common: the confusion and difficulty of deciding on a subject that will provide them with more career chances after they graduate from their chosen university, college, or higher institution in Ghana.

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Several students made clear blunders in course selection that they afterward regretted. To avoid regrettable mistakes, one must think about a few things before making a decision about which path of study to pursue.

Things to consider when selecting a course that can lead to greater job chances in Ghana

The fast-growing internet world and the technology takeover that has rocked our world for a few years now, where many people have been relieved of their duties just to save money for the company, and work is now done technologically, are the most important things to keep in mind while choosing a course of study.

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However, there are some jobs, courses, and fields of study that are unaffected by these changes; that is, regardless of how technology infiltrates our lives or the internet takes over practically all commercial platforms, these courses and their marketable rates stay stable, if not increasing.

In this segment, it will be listed and discussed most of these courses, their marketable rates, and how much they can give a person on average, annually.

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While there are dozens of various course alternatives to pick from, not all courses are equal when it comes to Marketable prices. Most people would always soothe themselves by claiming “all courses are equal,” but this is clearly not the case. After reading this article, you’ll probably reconsider the course you’ve always wanted to take.

We’re not claiming that these courses are the best in terms of job security or anything, but these courses would put you in a position to get a job within a year of graduating from the university, college, or any other teacher institution where the degree was earned.

There are numerous courses available in Ghana for professional development, accreditation, and educational purposes.

Prospective students have their choice of programs all over the country and in many different sectors. Courses in Ghana are always of high quality, helping students reach their goals, but not all of them are flexible and marketable.

If you’re reading this and you think that hope is lost, because, you didn’t fall amongst the listed courses, just remember that you are in Ghana and you can take advantage of all that Ghana has to offer, whether it is a regular program or a part-time course, just to boost your chance, and get a qualification on the most marketable courses in Ghana, it is possible.

Some of the Courses That Are In Demand In Ghana

If you’re a student or individual looking for a course with high job opportunities and better payment then below are selected jobs you can study today.

Business and Finance Related Courses

Business and Finance related courses are one of the courses which when studied will expose you to more job opportunities. People have the misconception that when you study business the chance of you getting a job is very low. This is not true.

In every business, there must be some people to manage it in terms of its finance and marketing. Any company will like to be famous and promote a good sale. Where do they get individuals to undertake this project? This brings us to discuss one of the courses in Ghana with more job opportunities.

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Individuals who study Business and its related topics will get access to these job opportunities. Business Marketer, Accountant, and other financial and related careers are from this section.

Engineering Courses

Another powerful sector in Ghana with a lot of job opportunities in Engineering. We lack engineers in every sector that they are needed. This field is very wide meaning when you study any of the courses under engineering the chances of you getting a job are very high.

This ranges from Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and many more. This should tell you that, the guarantee of you getting a job when you study any of this is 70% and above.

The country requires an engineer’s service and it is time to get you on board if you want to secure a job that will sustain you for a lifetime. You can become an engineer in any of the fields mentioned above depending on the course you study in engineering.

Health-Linked Courses

This category covers a lot of specializations, which is recorded to be a course with a high job opportunity and better payment.

Ghana’s health system is still in a shortfall. This ensures that nurses and doctors are in demand every day. You should consider studying either of the health-related courses at college or university if you are serious about working at a hospital or either of the medical centers in Ghana.

Any of the courses you can consider include courses such as Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy and Surgery, Dispensary, Lab Technician, Bio Chemist, Pharmacist, Physiotherapy, Acute Care Nurse, Advanced Nutrition Aide, Ambulance Officer and Paramedic, Assistant Director of Nursing, Assistant Optometrist, Assistant Physical Therapist, Assistant Occupational Therapist, Cardiac Technician, Breast Center Manager, etc. The best thing is, these courses in Ghana also have fair and better payments.

Human Resources Related Courses

Human resources are the set of people who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, industry, or economy. A narrower concept is human capital, the knowledge which the individuals embody.

Similar terms include manpower, labor, personnel, associates, or simply people. When you take courses under this the job opportunities under it include Career Advisor, Recruitment Consultant, Office Managers, Human Resources Officers, and many more.

There are more than courses when you study them you will get the job that suits you. Above are the carefully selected ones that are very common and easy to undertake.


The educational sector is also another sector that guarantees job security. Teachers in Ghana are always in demand, most especially in the rural areas. Most people prefer to teach in the Urban and cities. So if you can accept postings in the rural areas and ready to teach as a teacher, then teaching (Education ) will be another job opportunity course you can consider. Even though these days, it’s hard to get postings as a graduate teacher in Ghana, The education sector can still absorb you when you go to college or university to study education.

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Accounting is one of the most marketable courses to study in a Ghanaian university. Positions for accountants are needed in every sector of the Ghanaian economy. Sectors where Accountants can work, include government agencies, companies, hotels, banks, schools, airports, etc.

You can enroll to become a chartered accountant in Ghana. Some other professional courses and certifications make accounting degree even more marketable. Write a professional course and get registered with a professional body to increase your chances as an accountant.


Agriculture is one of the most underestimated courses for study, but it is also one of the university’s most profitable courses with high job opportunities after school. Everyone wants food, and farmers have a responsibility to satisfy this need. KNUST Undergraduate Courses under BSc Agribusiness Management And Cut off point ,Year 1-4

A sure way to raise money and make it big in the industry of making things that consumers will really need. In agriculture, there are numerous professions, some of which are: fish farming, soil scientist, farm management, agricultural specialist, etc.

Construction Technology And Management

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