Disabled at 4, rejected by mother, orphaned by father’s death, jettisoned by lover – Story of disable graduate [Video]


An orphan and a graduate of the Accra Technical University, Miss Delali Agbosu, has narrated how a doctor’s negligence has made her a permanently disabled person.

Delali said when she was four years, she was admitted at a hospital where doctors who were supposed to take care of her gave her a wrong injection, ‘paralyzing’ her instantly.


Delali, now a mother-of-one, explained that to be able to move from one place to the other, she must put her left and right hands on her foot.

As though her plight wasn’t enough her biological mother abandoned her due to her condition, leaving her father as the only one to take care of her but as fate will have it, he also died along the line.

In spite of those struggles, Delali said she managed to enroll at Accra Polytechnic, now Accra Technical University where she acquired a diploma in Secretaryship and Management.

But, as has been the case with most disable people in our part of the world, Delali says she’s been denied many job opportunities because of her situation.

I have applied for many jobs but all to no avail. One day, an employer frankly told me, many emploeyers won’t employ me because of my situation, she said amid tears.

He told me the job of a secretary is now more field-oriented hence considering my situation, no employer will employ me, she said in an interview with SVTV Africa.

To change her story, Delali enrolled for a short course in broadcast journalism, her long-ghe;d dream career where she acquired a certificate in journalism, believing that could get her a newscasters job but that is also not to be.

As a result of her struggles to make ends meet, Delali gave in to a man who she thought could assist her, a relationship that led to her giving birth to a child but according to her, just one month after giving birth to the baby the man never surfaced again.

Delali is still an unemployed graduate, physically challenged and needs support from the society.



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