Dozens drown after migrant boat sinks in Channel

Dozens drown after migrant boat sinks in Channel


Dozens drown after migrant boat sinks in Channel.

News of the tragedy has spread through the migrant camps here, bringing a sad kind of resignation. But everyone here accepted the risks a long time ago.

“Of course there is fear,” one young Sudanese man said. “Of course there is risk. But we’ll keep trying.”

He tried to cross in a small boat on Tuesday but gave up when the waves got too high. He’s planning to try again as soon as the conditions improve.

Over the past year, I’ve spoken to several people here who have found themselves in trouble after their engine failed or their boat capsized.

Some of them contact me hours after being pulled from the waves by rescue crews, describing how they waited in the water, wondering if anyone would come.

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One man told me he thought he might die there. A few days later, he tried crossing again.

The fear was always that this level of hope and determination would lead to tragedy. But for every tragedy, and every near-miss, there are stories of boats arriving safely on British shores – great publicity for people-smugglers.

The crossing season has stretched far into the winter weather this year: it’s a lucrative business for smuggling networks.

But it’s their customers who pay the price


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