EIU projects victory for NDC in 2024 polls

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The Economic Information Unit (EIU) predicted that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) would win the 2024 elections even though the polls are still a long way off.

However, the Economist Intelligence Unit says it expects the opposition to present a fresh face to the presidential contest despite reports that former President John Mahama will be vying for the leadership of the party again.

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The next parliamentary and presidential elections are scheduled for 2024
State limits imposed by the constitution, Mr. Akufo-Addo cannot run for a third
term. Mahama is said to be considering running again, but we are
We expect that the National Dialogue Conference will seek to revitalize its horizons with a new candidate. After, after
Two terms for NPP government, we expect the NDC to win the presidency for 2024
Elections and a small majority in Parliament, “according to the latest company report obtained by Star News.

She added: “In the 2020 parliamentary elections, the Palestinian National Party and the National Defense Council each won 137 seats.
But in January, he announced one independent member of parliament
It would collaborate with NPP, giving it the 138 seats needed for
Effective majority. By a very slim majority, Akufu management Addo
He would require all of his deputies to vote with the party in order to move forward
Signature policies, which will likely require bargaining to convince MPs,
This hinders immediate policy priorities, such as significant downsizing
Excessive financial burden through spending cuts and tax increases. ”

Regarding the country’s debt situation, the Economic Intelligence Unit indicated that “Structure risks are still rated CCC. The current account deficit, which is estimated at an average of 2.8% of GDP over the past 48 months, is a drag on the outcome. The country is currently estimated to be in default, after major arrears owed to external official creditors rose in 2018. Arrears will remain significant, increasing the risk of prolonged default among investors.
In terms of the national accounts structure, the service sector is
The largest sector in the economy, accounting for about 45% of the GDP. ”

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