Ex-convict gets 40 years for attempted robbery

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The Adienta Circuit Court “B” sentenced a former convict in Ancaful Prison to 40 years imprisonment with hard labor for assault and attempted burglary.

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Stephen Cinnam, 25, pleaded guilty to all charges and was convicted on the basis of his confession.
He was sentenced to 20 years in prison on each count for attempted theft and causing damage. The two sentences work in succession.
Inspector Maxwell Larneau told the court, headed by Ms. Sydenam Adzo Paluka, that the complainant Stephen Adika owned a grocery store in Timan, Accra.
On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, he said that the complainant informed the Kottam Police Station with a bandage on his forehead that the previous day, at around 2030, Sanam had come to his shop on the pretext of buying supplies.
Inspector Larneau said that Cinnam attacked the complainant with a knife in an attempt to snatch his mobile phone, but he did not succeed and fled.
He said that on the same day the report was submitted, the complainant discovered Sinam and identified him as the person who had attacked him.
The prosecutor said that the complainant sounded the alarm and Sinam was arrested by neighbors and taken to Kottam Police Station.
Mr. Larneau said that residents in the community heard of Sinam’s arrest and went to report at Kotam and Oireva police stations on Thursday, March 11th, that they had been equally victimized in similar circumstances.
An identification parade was held as Sinam was identified by three victims as having fallen prey to him using the same modus operandi.
Sinam has taken a Covid-19 test and is awaiting the results, after which he will be transferred to Anakvol prisons to begin his sentence.


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