Five foods you should never eat after s3x


A satisfying and intense session with your partner is something we all love.

While people often sleep after a session, there is a category of people who need something the most which is “food”.

According to research, intense sex can burn approximately 150 calories every 30 minutes.

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So, feeling hungry is quite evident, but it is important to understand that the body is not performing normally right after sex, so eating anything heavy may lead to other health problems.

Here is a list of foods you should not eat right after sex:

Try as much as possible to avoid egg yolks, because it is high in fat and cholesterol, and eating it immediately after sex may cause discomfort and insomnia in the body.

Alcohol is considered a large percentage of NO after sex because it is high in stimulants that slow down the metabolism and may lead to irritability, weakness, and dizziness.

Both coffee and tea contain caffeine, and drinking after sex will keep you awake and disturb the hormones that induce sleep.

It is suggested to sleep or take a nap after the session to calm the body and mind.

According to experts, eating refined flour with cheese may irritate your body after an intense session.

It is advised to avoid fast foods like pizza because right after the session, blood circulation is very high and it becomes difficult for the intestine to digest heavy foods such as pizza.

French fries are processed and fried and contain high levels of sodium that may excite you after sex, but it is something to avoid right after an intense session.

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