Make sure to write your name and index number correctly on the answer booklet. Make sure you double check if your name and index number has been shaded on the objective answer sheet or on the section B answer booklet before you summit the answer booklet.
● Make sure you write the questions you answered numbers at the bottom of the front page of your section B answer booklet.
● In answering on a shading sheet in section A,make sure you clean with an eraser thoroughly what you chose first before you shade what you are choosing later.
● Do not leave a question of the objective unshaded on the shading answer sheet. If you aren’t sure of the answer to shade, shade an option temporarily that you think is the answer, then make an asterisk on your question paper, then revisit it after finishing all the work to consider the option you chose.
● Make sure you shade within only the box you will choose. Do not let it get to other options or in between the options.
● Make sure your pencil isn’t pointed since if pointed can result in getting your shading answer sheet torn.
● Make sure to count all the answers on the shading sheet and check if it tallies with what you have done on your shading answer sheet or answer booklet.
● It may be a rule not to answer in your section A answer booklet. Even if that’s the case make sure to make a mark around the option you chose so as to serve as a point of reference if you are cross checking your answers
● Never use ink(pen) on where it is supposed to be pencil on the shading answer sheet, and vice versa.

● Make sure your hands are clean, as well as the table you will put your answer sheet on so as not to get the shading answer sheet dirty. Thus it is advisable to keep your answer shading sheet in your question booklet and remove it immediately you are done for submission.
● Make sure to follow all the guidelines on the front page of your section B throughout the entirety of the examination.

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● Make sure all your writings are eligible when writing.
● You can make all your rough work on one page of the section B answer booklet but they have to be eligible and nicely crossed after you are done.
● Never tear any part of your either section A or section B answer sheet.
● Always make sure to cross check your name and index numbers if they are all written correctly and eligible before submitting your answer sheet or answer booklet.
● Always make sure to pray before and after the examination for God guidance.
● Make sure you have all the necessary things to be used for the examination and a back up of these important ones: pen,pencil, eraser and blade in case any of them get lost.
● Never ask a friend for any help within the first 30 minutes of commencing the examination and if possible stick to your work without asking for help from a colleague is an offense punishable.
● Always try to avoid cancelling your work as it makes it untidy. If you have to cancel a work, make sure it is done nicely by crossing it horizontally once.
● Make sure all your section B answer leaflets are stapled together or threaded together if extra sheets are collected or not.

Always be  guided by your watch so as not to fall behind time.
Make sure to write as fast as you can so as not to be behind time estimated for the particular paper.
In answering section B questions try to find out the topic which the questions emanating from and tackle it logically
Read the questions carefully and understand them before you choose which one’s to answer.
Never leave a compulsory question unanswered.
Always allocate time to your questions to be answered based on the marks attached and it’s difficulty and ensure you stick to it.
Always try as much as possible to leave at least 10 minutes to read through your answers so as to affirm what you have written and make changes where necessary.
It is within your right to politely ask an instructor to move a little further away from you if his or her presence makes you nervous.

Always make a self check before you get to the examination hall to be checked. Never take or give your answer booklet to anyone to look on.
Make sure you eat but not to the brine before you get to the exams hall to write a paper. You won’t be penalised if you take along with you a bottle of water and a small size chocolate.
Never try to get an inside glance at whatever book you may find out of the examination hall when the examination starts.




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