Girl, 13, gives birth during Maths exams

File photo: Pregnant woman

A 13-year-old Primary School Female Candidate in Mpiji District gave birth to a baby during a math exam on her ongoing elementary graduation exams.

The accident took place at St Balikuddembe Primary School in Jalamba Ward, in Boama City Hall, Mbegi District.

The girl, according to Godfrey Samanda, principal of the school, fell into labor pains during a math exam.

“After 20 minutes, I alerted the proctor who called his colleagues and rushed the girl to a nearby medical center,” said Mr. Samanda.

Ms Gurith Merimbi, the nurse at the clinic, said that after helping the girl to give birth, she was returned to school to complete her research in a secluded environment.

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Samanda said the proctor gave the girl an extra 45 minutes to write the exam.

As I wrote the newspaper this morning [Wednesday]Mr. Samanda said Wednesday morning.


The girl’s parents have attributed their daughter’s pregnancy to last year’s Covid-19 lockdown.

“She was lured into marital relationships during the Covid-19 lockdown by a certain boy because they didn’t go to school,” one parent said.

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