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Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) Has explicitly explained how monies taken from the salary of it members are used.

GRNMA Deductions, Disbursement and Benefits.

Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) has three main deductions


This is 2% of a member’s basic salary ( Single Spine Salary without allowance and or without premium)

1. 6% of monthly total dues goes into GRNMA health Fund. This seeks to address the health needs (cost) of ailments that fall outside the remit of Health insurance for members.

2. Payment of retirement stipend/ benefit to members at rates determined by Congress/Conference from time to time.

3. Payment of Death benefit of Active and life members at a rate determined by Congress/Conference

4. Payment of spousal Death benefit to Members at a rate determined by Congress/Conference

5. Payment of consultancy fees during salary Negotiations for Members.

6. Payment of of Salaries of the Association’s lawyer to fight for members in legal suits in the course of Professional practice.

7. Payment of quarterly Quotas to all the 13 specialized groups under GRMNA to run their activities.

8. Payment of quarterly District and Regional Quotas to man the District and Regions respectively.

9. Payment of salaries of Secretariat workers of GRNMA

10. Running of the National Secretariat.

11. Funding of yearly International Nurses and Midwives’ week Celebrations.

12. Funding of yearly Best Nurse/Midwives Award ( one member from each Region)

13. Funding of bianniel Memorial Lecture of Dr. Dorcia Kissei.

14.Funding of Delegate Conference/Congresses.

15. Procurement and free distribution of souvenirs for all members every year.

16. Payment of yearly international and affiliation dues ( Public Service International (PSI), International Council of Nurses(ICN), International Council of Midwives (ICM), Commonwealth Federation of Nurses and Midwives (CFNM), West African Health Sector Union Network ( WAHSUN).



17. Funding of Regional and District tours by National Executives.

18. Funding of Association representatives in Conferences locally and internationally as mandated by the Constitution of GRNMA.

19. Quarterly stipend to Officials of the Association (National, Regional and District) as determined by Conference/Congress.

20 Financial Support to Members in distress situations ( Armed robbery, Fires, Accidents etc)

21. Financial support to Specialized groups during AGM’s.


Members pay twenty Ghana cedis ( Ghc 20) towards building of Regional Secretariat and Hostel projects.

Ten Regional Secretariats and hosts are being constructed to serve as Office space for the Association and a temporary place of abode for members at rebated/ discounted prices.
Seven (7) have been completed, and operational, 2 are completed and fully furnished pending inauguration for use, while 1 is yet to be furnished. There’s also an ongoing 7 – storey project at the headquarters.


-To serve as Office space for members where members can tender in request for claims due them.
– Members are entitled to discount eg. At Zoti Korle-bu hostel Public rate-225 Ghc per night members rate 60 per night
Facilities ( Self contained, air-conditioning, Fridge, TV Queen Size bed with breakfast)
Koforidua Public rate-120 and 100
Members rate 60 and 50 ghc same facilities as Zoti and breakfast for two.

Proceeds from the hostels are accounted for every Quarter at both National and Regional Council meetings and invested for the Association and ploughed back into Membership benefits. Hostels are annually audited by National.

To enhance retirement income of Contributors.

Each member contributes fifty Ghana Cedis (50 Ghc) a month. This is transferred into individual’s personal account with the Scheme Administrators as a provident fund by Controller and Accountant General’s Department.
Not even a pesewa goes to the Association.


💯 contribution plus accrued interest is due a member on retirement, Death.



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