He was shocked to see that after the 8 rounds I was not tired


An outcast lady wrote a thesis-like letter to David Bonds Mber who just so happens to be a famous marriage counselor.

-mAccording to the woman, the man fell in love with her deeply for her sexual prowess.

Here is her unedited message:

I’ve been celibate for the past couple of years until I met this amazing guy, who was running around while I was going to work early in the morning.

He approached me and obviously I knew that he would ask for my name and call me as it was usual for some men, where they would meet nice ladies.

He did the same thing I had been thinking and called me very late in the evening. We spoke on the phone for 3 hours before going to bed. We just met that day and it’s like we’ve been friends for a very long time, given how the chemistry between us works.

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Looking at the way things were going, we were falling in love with each other, but I didn’t want to fall into any kind of love again, until I felt ready to marry, because of the “trauma” I had gone through. My previous relationship.

He offered to me, but I told him I’m not ready for any relationship. He did his best to get close to me and did his best to win me over, but I still insisted.

One morning he decided to go jogging with me and I gave up. “We went for eight rounds, but I wasn’t tired.” He got so tired and that was the fun we had.

He saw me as a very strong woman because after “the eight runs we went through, I wasn’t tired”. As for him, he would never leave me to any man because of this. Gradually, I fell in love with him and prepared my mind to accept his suggestion, but there’s one problem.

I knew he was my ex-boyfriend’s best friend and it really bothers me. Do I agree with his suggestion or not?

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