Here is why your wife or girlfriend fakes orgasms

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Experienced sex and relationship coach, Dzifa Sweetness, revealed four main reasons why some women fake orgasms during intercourse.

Speaking on etv ghana, she revealed that there are instances where women do not know that they are faking an orgasm.

She explained that some women have seen other women actively have orgasms or have heard and read about orgasms but have never experienced it before.

These women, during intercourse, try to force themselves to have orgasms, and then tend to fake their groans at some point when the intercourse becomes intense thinking that they are in the stage of reaching orgasms when they are not.

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Another reason, as far as she knows, is if a woman does not like a man. According to her, a woman can never have orgasms while having sex with a man she does not like because love brings a feeling or connection during sex which leads the woman to reach the point of orgasm.

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And she continued: Third, a woman can be in love, but there is something she does not like about a man. For example, a woman can prepare herself to have good sex with her partner and have orgasms for him, but if he comes to bed with body odor or mouth odor, or even if he starts a bad foreplay, it may turn her away. ”

The sex trainer also pointed out that when a woman is put off, she may not tell the man that she does not want sex anymore and thus, she will endure whatever delays her and instead, fake orgasms until the man thinks she is satisfied and then let it be.

Once again, she revealed that some women only have sex for money not pleasure, and thus, they need fake orgasms to give a guy a good time and after that they can get their money.

Finally, a sex trainer advised men to stop constantly asking during sex whether a woman has had an orgasm yet because according to her knowledge, this question only prompts women to fake orgasm until the man feels good about himself.

I mentioned from the observation that this is usually done by men who “ejaculate” for less than a minute or two because they want to make sure that they manage to get the woman to orgasm within those two minutes before they release their “cum”.


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