Here’s the good thing about keeping your relationship private

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Although your relationship should not be kept secret, its most important details should remain between you and your partner only.

Having a support system is great, and having people you trust to trust is great too; But no matter how small or confident your circle is, some details of your relationship should only remain between you and your partner.

Here are three reasons why:

By storing the most private information and details of your marriage, you are bound to do so [try to] Work on differences without outside help or influence.

Doing so helps you understand each other better, and brings you closer.

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Being able to walk away from tough spots in your relationship on your own is great for your relationship because you come to decisions based on your own personal understanding of your relationship, not someone else’s perspective on what’s right for you or not.

This is the best way to be in a relationship, except when it becomes unreasonable not to seek help from trusted sources. Special relationships allow partners to grow together stronger. [Credit: Parents Magazine]

By keeping the core of your relationship out of circulation, you are actually not leaving room for people to make judgments and give unsolicited advice about how things should be between you and your partner.You can move the relationship at a pace that works for both partners. [Credit Pinterest]

If you are maintaining your relationship only between you and your partner, you are not getting outside and irrelevant advice about where you and your partner should be, and what you should do as a couple.

This reduces stress and you can move the relationship at a pace that works for both partners.

If your relationship details are kept really low, then you are in good company on the right track.

Please do not stop.

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