High heels, the pros and cons


High-heeled shoes have been around for quite some time, with history indicating that early sightings of this type of shoe date back to the 10th century.The tenth A century of shocking worn by men in the Persian cavalry who kept their shoes in their stirrups, and since then heels have got many modifications and meaning in history and culture, for some they are a way to show strength hence the only thing is to make one look taller than one’s peers and in other cultures, It is to make people perceive the right position as defined by society.

The first woman to wear high heels was a very strong woman called Catherine de Medici and she was the wife of King Henry II who was King of France at the time, it is no wonder that women and women of high social levels cooperate and never forget high heels. .

high heels

High heels are one of the regularly worn shoes among females now and it would be very nice to know the effect of this daily routine on you and your body in particular.

First, the pros, high heels have a lot of good news attached to them, and yes, they do put a smile on the face of the person who rocks them, but let’s see in detail the factors that actually cause those smiles.

1. High heels give you the desired body shape.

Most women know what most men desire, an hourglass figure that stretches thin around the waist, extends at the hips and runs down the legs, High heels is the quickest way to achieve this feat without the hustle of running over and over and taking some supplements.

2. Complements the tall look.

Most women want to feel confident especially if you are a businessman, you don’t want to wear flats because most people assume you want to look smart at work which translates to the fact that your work includes tasks that obviously don’t make you the boss. These high heels give you promotion in a split second.

3. To help swing the outfit.

You obviously want to look eye-catching in that red dinner dress or the one you’ve chosen for your presentation, high heels help the focus shift to your upper side as it does on your body, they lift it up so you don’t look sunken and kind of hidden, and they create a visualization For confidence when walking or standing in such beautiful clothes.

The cons of anything are worth knowing, so weigh that with the pros to see if it’s worth pursuing such an issue. Disadvantages of high heels

1. It has a bad effect on your feet.

High heels push all the pressure on your feet especially the area around your toes where you hold tightly to the tips of your heels so you don’t slip, and cases have been seen of people getting yellow toes due to repetitive pressure on their feet. Toes as well wear these long heels.

2. The heels can mar your bones.

Bones are the part of the body that gives the body its standing and the longest in the thighs where the heels have an effect, and high heels affect the knees, ankles and toes and also cause arthritis from wearing it for too long periods.

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3. You can actually take off a bone wearing high heels.

One can literally dislocate their bone while wearing heels, cause imbalance in the body and if not taken care while walking you can only see your ankle or knee moving in a direction you don’t really want to dream about, this causes discomfort and in the worst cases permanent disability.

Well, there you are. As far as high heels are concerned, there are some downsides that you should try as much as possible to avoid and therefore you should develop a strategy to counter such events.

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Whenever you are supposed to walk on uneven ground try as much as possible to avoid heels, and also if you want to walk a lot one day you should at best find some matching sneakers or even wear better slides and switch to heels when necessary .

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