How to check Your Teacher trainee allowance

How to check Your Teacher trainee allowance


How to check Your Teacher trainee allowance.

Teacher trainees in the various public colleges of education receive GH¢204 each as monthly allowance from the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF).

Each student is entitled to GH¢400. But out of that amount, GH¢196 will go directly to the colleges to pay for trainees’ utilities and feeding.
The payment of the allowance to the trainees has been handed over to the Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), the body mandated to disburse loans to tertiary students.

How to check Teacher trainee allowance.

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Step 1: One of the ways to check your Teacher trainee allowance is to receive an alert from Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) on the payments and disbursement of Teacher trainee allowance.

Step 2: The other way to check your Teacher trainee to go to your local bank, preferably a savings and loan center, and check your ezwich account.

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The use of e-zwich to disburse trainee allowances is also expected to instill in students the habit of using electronic payment cards, eventually discouraging the over-reliance on cash for transactions.

At the bank, Ask the teller or whoever is in charge to load funds. That process will allow you to see the actual amount paid by the government.

If the allowance has been paid, it will be displayed after the teller at the bank generates the receipts. After you’ve noticed that the funds have been deposited into your Ezwich account, find out here how you can withdraw the allowance without stress.


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