How To Fill Nursing Training College Admission Forms 2021- Detailed Official Guide


Applications are invited from eligible candidates to enter any of the Public health training institutions In Ghana. You can visit any of the Nearby health training institutions To help fill out your form as incorrectly filling out the form may affect your chances.

How to fill out the admission forms for the College of Nursing Training

Follow the procedures below to fill out the Nursing Training College Admission Forms

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    1. First, purchase purchase order codes from any of the Agricultural Development Bank’s branches
      At a cost of two hundred Ghanaian cedis (200.00 SYP). All vouchers purchased are valid until August 5th if not used.
    2. Upon payment, the applicant will receive a voucher that will give him a unique PIN and serial number.
    3. Get a dedicated phone number and a personal, valid email address for all correspondence. (Please note: Do not use an email address for relationships)
    4. You will need your residential address and a Ghana digital postal address
    5. Use the PIN and serial number to access the online order form at:
    6. Note that the online registration form can only be accessed via the self-generated PIN and password.
    7. Follow the instructions carefully and fill in the relevant stages of the admission process once
      The application opens online.
    8. Use the PIN and serial number to track the status of the admission process.
    9. To purchase the electronic voucher for the training institutions of the Ministry of Health through the mobile money transfer service, order * 887 * 18 # And follow the instructions.
    10. Note that only applicants who meet the entry requirements will be invited to attend a
      A competitive interview at the chosen school.

  1. No envelopes are required as all correspondence will be via SMS or email.

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