How to Get a Private Teaching Job in Ghana


Private teaching job in Ghana

This post will help you land a teaching job at your next interview.

Teaching refers to the process of guiding, correcting, training, evaluating, and informing people in order to improve the academic life of a person or a part very important to the overall development of a person.

Private teaching job in Ghana

Teachers are those who impart knowledge formally or informally to the learners in the school. For many years, teaching was considered a demeaning profession for those who were unable to attend university but chose the school of education.

Teaching is very frustrating and embarrassing. Smart people always go to the departments that offer better and more promising jobs, while ignoring the departments that are related to teaching.

The past, many years, and the evolution of the world show that teaching is a very good profession.

Nowadays, in Ghana, like other countries, compared to oil companies and even banks, there are many schools here, which provide many opportunities for postgraduate teachers to do their job or trained work.

In order to land a teaching job in Ghana, you must first consider whether you would like to work in a private school or a public school.

Your choice will determine how you continue to look for work. This article will focus on how to find a job in a private school, and in later articles, I will show you how to find a job in a public school.

How to find a private tutoring job in Ghana

Here is a guide on how to get a teaching job in Ghana:

1. Get certified

Ghana got rid of the era of recruiting unqualified people to teach children in schools. You must have at least a diploma, or you must have taken educational courses.

This is the number one qualification that can help you land a job in a hurry. After passing the regular certification, please ensure that you are registered as a teacher and that you obtain a teacher license, which gives you all the rights to teach in any school.

2. Create a CV.

Your CV should reflect all the important details related to your field of teaching. Cut short stories and go straight to the topic.

Don’t forget, your mission statement must be included in your CV (every owner is willing to consider it).

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3. Find the school you want to work with

Don’t just send your messages, send them wherever you know. Search on the internet for the school that suits you best, then do a physical search on this site. Get to know the middle school management (this will give you the upper hand).

4. Ask for an online tutor

Create online articles (if possible) and short videos to let the world know that you are a teacher. Just shout to the world that you are a teacher.

You will get begging from some big school and will work with them. Remember, everyone wants to hire someone of value, so don’t just send your resume and cover letter, but show them what you do online. This will give you a reward.

5. Dress up like the teacher for the interview

If you are required to attend an interview, make sure you dress as an instructor and not as an applicant. Be smart, respect office etiquette, and bring prepared class notes and other things with you. These things can visualize you as a well-trained teacher, not just oral and written things.

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