How To Give Her Multiple Ó[email protected]$ms In One Round


How To Give Her Multiple Ó[email protected]$ms In One Round

Every romantic relationship should not be just a one time thing. In order to keep a relationship going, you should be able to satisfy your partner in so many ways.

Many at times, we hear about some relationships coming to an unfortunate end simply because the guy failed to do his manly job well.

Currently, the inability of guys giving their partners optimum satisfaction has become a very huge topic for discussion.

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In rare situations, the lady doesn’t provide any tangible reason for a break up. All he does is to call it quit all of a sudden with no time to accept an apology.

If you are a guy who wants to satisfy your partner in bed to the fullest, then this article is for.

I will be teaching you how to give your girlfriend or wife five örgà$ms in just one round.


1. Tease Her A Little

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Whenever you are about to get into serious action, always make it a point to make penetration a little bit later than expected. The anticipation built before penetration is capable of giving her two or more orgîé$ before the actual action.

2. Sweet Talk

Some prefer to call it “pillow talk”. Usually, communication is one of the easiest way of giving her an órgà$m before starting the real deal.


Always make it a point to talk about what you guys want to do before the actual action starts.

3. Catch Her By Surprise

This is usually done when she is the type that loves to take it whenever she catches her climax.


In the middle of the action, you can quickly withdraw your d!çk and continue immediately and trust me she will be $quîrtîng really bad.

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