How to increase intimacy in a relationship without s3x


Although, It’s true that sex helps reach some deep level of emotional connection, in romantic relationships, it’s meant to build on the existence of things like trust, love, respect, communication, dependability, and other nice traits people crave in partners.

In other words, intimacy is not built solely on sex. As a matter of fact, there are relationships wherein celibacy and deep intimacy ride side by side.

So, how does that work? How do you build an intense intimacy in your relationship without getting sexual with your boo?

If you have been there before you know how profound, relaxing and therapeutic this is.

When the noise of the city dies down and the only voice you can hear is your bae’s. When the distractions are gone and every sound, every inflection of his deep, raspy voice reaches deep into your soul and every breath is pronounced…

Yes, that type of conversation. It works wonders and you really need to do more of it if you intend to be closed without having sex.

What else bonds people better than food?

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I mean, we all know how much bond people build over dinner, lunch dates, and all that.

You can actually unlock a different level of this fun by making the meals… together.

It’s not even about the food most times. It’s the pleasurable experience of getting the ingredients together, and the companionship of spending time together, making those groceries into something [in] edible.

Here’s one thing beautifully exemplified by my friends’ relationship.

He is a techie and his girl is a fashion entrepreneur. Both of them take turns attending events in each other’s fields of specialization.

I bet they’d both be clueless and lost at certain points of those meetings but then the effort at wanting to know so much about each other, the willingness to delve so deep into each other’s worlds and understand what excites and flames up their passions. That’s something priceless and truly a driving force at growing a lot more intimate.

And of course, the time it also affords them to spend together can never be underemphasised.

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