How two people met and fell in love at a funeral


A social media user recounted how a member of the foundation found her life partner at a funeral in her neighborhood.

Upon telling the story, it was revealed that a girl who was performing her primary task as a teacher was invited by one of the school’s original teachers to help with a funeral.

According to the story, the woman accepted to provide her with assistance by serving the mourners at the funeral, and through that process, the man was affected by her diligence and later married her.

“I heard the story of how a member of the foundation who served in the school I serve now married someone from that community. It happened that one of the teachers was burying her late mother.

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The family is well known in the community, so it was a great occasion. She sorted out helping company members who serve at my school to help serve the guest who is coming for the funeral.

This member worked hard and caught the attention of a family member. Today she is married to that family. ”


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