I slapped my husband when he attempted to sleep with me before marriage – Adwoa Saah

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Adwoa Saah and her husband, Solomom Akwasi Boateng

Adwoa Saah says she didn’t marry as a virgin but she is now preaching celibacy after getting married.

She says, although I wasn’t a virgin, I didn’t sleep with my husband before marriage, because I had been in a previous relationship which involved sex.

“There are some things that make men come chasing women, cloth yourself. Sustain and abstain. Even the Bible says, refrain from sexual activities before marriage, don’t do it. “

“Some people say, oh you have to check and see if the man’s ‘thing’ is accurate or sexually compatible but some people have used and used it but still couldn’t find the compatibility. They had gone on to marry someone he’s not had that with before”.

“My husband never saw my nakedness before marriage and I wasn’t a virgin. I didn’t give in to him because, at the time, I had gotten a deep understanding of God’s word.” She stated in an interview with Nkosuohene on Omega Live TV which was monitored by GHPage.com.

“Whoever comes into the Lord becomes a new creator and the old things have passed, so if I am doing new things then I have to go the Christlike way with my husband.” She continued.

According to Adwoa, the husband agreed to her conditions but it got to a time he tried to sleep with her but gave him a heavy slap for breaching the conditions.

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Adwoa got married to her husband, Solomon Akwasi Boateng, based in the United Kingdom in 2016 amid a lot of controversies.

She stated in a recent interview with Delay stated that “in her next life, she would never marry a man with kids”.

It was all due to the fact that her husband, although has never been married, had two children with two different women before they got married.

Following her interview with Delay, one can tell Adwoa has regretted it even though she seems robust and proactive towards her new life.

Adwoa took the opportunity to advise young men who lure women with sweet tongues in the name of marriage and later make them baby mamas.

“You are stupid to think money can’t do anything” Kennedy Agyapong fires as he quotes from the Bible.


Marking her 5 years marriage anniversary, she took to Instagram to share a message to the world about what she has gone through in her marriage.

“My biggest crime is who I fell in love with , I have been judged, ridiculed, insulted, humiliated for loving , I neither took him from his relationship or Marriage , yet I was cursed at by my people , because my choice of a husband was a single father of two ,I went into my marriage as a naive lady , I had heard marriage wasn’t a bed of roses but I didn’t know to what extent , today is exactly five years since I became Mrs Boateng, we have experienced it all Good and bad zero to a hundred , in the midst of this home , Jesus is our bond holder , We have tried our best to hold on and with God we are here , I have seen a lot from spiritual attacks and physical ones but in the midst of it all, my desire remains to enjoy my home and be the best I can be as a wife , mother and stepmom I don’t think am perfect but this is our picture over all, as a woman who could be you , your mom , your wife or your sister, in this life We all deserve a second chance, my husband found his with me , he is a man he is not perfect Am not proud of his past mistakes no but it’s any of us perfect?, am sure he has learnt his lessons, I love our brokenness God is fixing us daily, for me I married king for one thing not for money or status but for his heart , you need to experience him to know that, he is a very very kindhearted man I Stan , so yes today I celebrate our love and I thank God for everything ,let Gods will prevail for us , if you ask me if I will marry him again if need be I will without a question say yes because we signed a contract of forever in all things , but if we were to start life afresh I will want us not to make the same mistakes again by waiting patiently to start life on a clean slate with no baggage’s to make our journey more sweeter, I speak to the Womb of life that let every evil planned against us return to sender instead ??????, let the will of God be done for us , to everyone here whoever you are I wish you well , move wisely in life ???????????? and I wish you find your perfect spouse in an imperfect world God help us
Lifted in five #theboatengsinreallife???????”

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