“It will cost gov’t US$10 billion to fix all roads in Ghana” – Finance Minister Ofori-Atta tells #FixTheCountrty protestors

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Ghanaian Finance Minister, Hon. Ken Ofori-Ata estimated that repairing all of Ghana’s ramshackle roads would cost the government $ 10 billion.

This came in the minister’s response to a question from the media, on Sunday, during the minister’s press conference.

The question was relevant after the incitement by #FixTheCountry activists demanding the government fix the country’s poor road network.

The minister spoke about some social intervention services provided to Ghanaians, especially the vulnerable during the covid lockdown period.

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As a reminder, the hashtag #FixTheCountry dominated the headlines last week. This was reinforced by disaffected Ghanaians – mostly young people who say their leaders have let them down.

This movement, which had the support of all parties to the political division, led to the resolution of some protests in the streets of Accra on May 9 even though the protest was not due to a court order.

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