Lady flogs her boss with a mop for sending her inappropriate sexual texts



A Chinese woman who was so offended by the candid text messages her boss sent her in the video was caught blowing her spleen with poison.


In the video, the woman can be seen hitting her boss Wang with a mop for sending her and the other employees’ inappropriate sexual texts. The woman from northeastern China, who has only been identified as Chu, is seen throwing books on the face of her boss and hitting him with a mop as he tries to apologize.

In the 14-minute video that went viral on Chinese social media Weibo, Zhou is also seen pouring water on her boss. She claims to have received unwanted text messages from him three times and is said to have sent similar messages to her co-workers.

The Independent reveals Wang’s expulsion after the accident. Cho filed a report with the police about her boss last week, and authorities were allegedly investigating her report before her video was released.

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Several social media users praised her for her bravery and demands for justice.


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