Lady narrates how pastor came to her room to pray for her & slept with her


Ghanaian lady who is a video vixen has shockingly revealed how a pastor who came to pray for her in her room and ended up sleeping with her in bed.

Kekeli narrated that a pastor once visited her at home one Sunday afternoon with the intention of coming to deliver her from her bad lifestyle.

According to the sex pimp, the pastor brought some annointing oil which he sprinkled along her bed after he prayed.

“A pastor once visited me at home to pray for me so i welcomed him into my room. That day i was only wearing an overall straight dress without bra and pant.

He sprinkled some annointing oil around where my bed is and said he is doing this to make sure no man come around this bed to sleep with me again.

After doing that, he told me to hug her, me too i gave him a very tight hug while i was not wearing anything apart from my overall dress.

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As the hug went deep and by time we realized we were on the bed rocking each other. I saw that, that’s what he wanted so me too i did not play it hard for him to get” She told STV Africa.
When asked whether she charged the pastor for the sex, the video vixen revealed that she did not.

She disclosed that since after the incident the pastor has tried several times to reach her via mobile phone but has been dropping his calls.

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