Long-distance relationship? Here are 3 ways to keep the intimacy

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Many people believe that long distance relationships will never work out. But you can give it a chance.

Being away for hours from each other can be a big problem, especially in the area of ​​sex and intimacy.

If you don’t work to keep your sex life attached to your partner when you can’t physically touch it, then it becomes less of a romantic relationship.

You both need to be creative and open-minded to keep the sparks alive. Listed below are some romantic ways to maintain intimacy in a long distance relationship:

Try texting or texting. If you decide to send nude pics, make sure to use an app like Snapchat as the messages disappear after viewing and you will be alerted if they record a screen or take a screenshot because you can never be too sure about people.

  • Have sexual conversations

It is imperative to have interesting conversations about what you want to do with them when you finally see each other. You can also remember your previous encounters, talk about the things you want them to do with you, or imagine the things you want to do with it. Phone sex can be fun!

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You can use video apps like FaceTime and the like to watch each other. If you are not too far from each other, you can buy remote application sex toys that allow you to control the pleasure of your partner.

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