Man confesses to gang-rape after 3 friends died mysteriously

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A confession posted on Facebook caught the attention of users.

A Facebook account named DonKelly Onyeka posted a post admitting to gang-raping a woman multiple times with four of his friends.

He claimed that they raped her through her anus and then followed her twice to rape her again after Capone said she was “tight”.

He explained that since they committed multiple gang rapes, his friends died one after the other. Three died and only two were left.

He added that his life is no longer what it was, and his family disintegrated, and his business was scattered.

He said he feared death for him too and wanted to confess before he dies.

The Facebook page on which the confession was shared has been deactivated, causing some to question whether it might be an advertising stunt.

All I Ever Wanted Was To Hit And Run

Meanwhile, the victim, whom the man confessed to rape, posted a number of posts on Facebook to address the case.

She said the confession brought back the sad memories, but she is recovering.

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