Man in North Korea sentenced to death for watching squid games

Man in North Korea sentenced to death for watching squid games


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North Korea is a country known for the enactment of laws and regulations which may seem bizarre to the outside world. And the recent one is the most shocking of all. It seems freedom of speech and liberty to even enjoy the basic rights, is always forfeited in Korea.

A north Korean student who traveled to China and brought back a squid game has been sentenced to death by firing squad after he was captured by cctv camera selling the soft copy of the game to fellow students.

He is believed to have smuggled the squid game into the country where it is banned and the students who purchased the game were caught watching it.

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The Netflix Squid game is also banned in China but this student managed to sneak into North Korea with the smuggled digital version stored on a hidden USB flash drive.
The students who were caught watching the video will also be penalized by serving some months in jail.

The world couldn’t get any worse. Punishing him for enjoying entertainment? First it was Jeans, then mobile phones. We honestly don’t know what those people are going through though, imagine one’s life controlled from birth till death and this propaganda weighs heavily in North Korea. They don’t even know what the world outside look like.

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