Man narrates how he woke up with female organ after break up with lover


“I slept like a man and a woman woke up after just one day of separation” is the strange story that an African man shared while asking for help.

The man told Afrimax English that he had a boy and had a relationship with a woman whom he had separated after a misunderstanding.

He narrated that night how a male member fell asleep, except that he awoke from his sleep in an unusual way. His manhood vanished with the twat in place.

The man-turned-woman said he set the alarm and some pagan priests were called as he was told that his former lover had charmed him.

He said his ex-wife confessed to the crime, saying she pained that he called off their wedding that was due within weeks.

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Now that a man has a new genitalia, he is starting to fully live as a woman, wearing feminine dresses and makeup.

Despite living in an anti-LGBT community, the man mentioned that he was pardoned as everyone knows and disagrees about his predicament.

He is now married to a man who said he lives in fear of waking up naturally again, a situation he said would be the end of their marriage.

Watch the video below:

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