Me, My New Boyfriend, My Ex-Boyfriend and The Police Case

It was November 10th, 2020. Tuesday evening. I remember that date clearly not because I’ve kept it in my heart where it can’t be erased or written it somewhere on the walls where water can’t touch. I remember because I remember the feeling I went through that day. I was tired and felt Unappreciated. I remember I wanted to cry but tears eluded me. I remember thinking, “I have to walk out before he kills me.” Then the little voice in my head said to me, “You always say that but you never go away.” I said to that voice, “This time it’s final. I’m walking away. I deserve some respect. He has to also know his place in life right now and learn to put respect on my effort.” The voice responded, “I would be here when you come back to tell me you’ve changed your mind.”

I looked at the date on my phone and told the voice in my head, “Today’s November 10th. I’m telling you this, it’s final. Just watch me. I’m calling him to tell him it’s over.”

I dialed his number. The phone rang for so long I thought he wasn’t going to pick. When he picked he said, “Please forgive me. It will never happen again.” I told him, “Yeah, it will never happen again because I wouldn’t be with you when it happens next time. It’s over.” His voice went thin. He said, “I said I’m sorry. I regret everything. She pushed herself on me for so long. I’m sorry I lacked the self-discipline.” I said, “This is not the first time this is happening. Do you remember what you told me when I caught you the first time? You said it would never happen again. I stayed and it happened again. This time, I’m gone.”

When I hung up the phone, he texted me; “You’re leaving me because this time I’m jobless. I understand. You women are all the same. You only stay when sweetness drips into your mouth.”

That’s how the relationship between me and Jacob ended seven months ago. We dated for four good years. From all indications, our relationship was heading towards marriage. Just three weeks before our knocking ceremony, he lost his job. He told me, “The covid is still around and I don’t know when I’m going to get another job. It’s better we keep the marriage on hold for me to sort out my life.” I understood him perfectly and asked him to look for another job as soon as possible.

Two months without a job, he started facing financial hardship. He had to pay rent, pay utilities, feed himself, and also buy drugs for the treatment of his asthma. I could understand his hardship so I stepped up to help. My salary wasn’t much. I also had responsibilities but I gave him almost half of my salary every month. When he had an asthma attack and we needed drugs urgently, I had to fall on my salary to support him. What are lovers for? I did all that without complaint and I did it from a joyful heart knowing very well that his situation wasn’t permanent. “He would be back on his feet again and everything would be alright,” I encouraged myself.

We struggled to raise money to renew his rent for another year. His brothers and some friends came to his aid but it wasn’t enough. I had to go through my account and clean what’s there to support him. Three days after we paid the rent, I went there to see what he was doing. The previous night he told me he wasn’t well. I figured he needed me so after work that day I went to his place. Immediately I entered the hall, I saw a lady’s shoes at the entrance, just by the edge of the carpet. When I moved two steps further, I saw a lady’s cloth hanging on the armrest of the sofa. “Who’s here?”

I screamed his name, “Jacob!” He responded from the bedroom. I heard a lady’s voice also from the bedroom asking, “Who is that?” Jacob rushed out of the bedroom, in his knickers, sweating profusely. I knew what was happening even before he opened his mouth and said, “It’s not what you think.” I didn’t want to even see the face of the girl. I walked out. He followed until he got to the door. I continued walking away, with tears in my eyes and ice in my heart.

He kept begging me for another chance. I kept refusing to accept him back. When his calls became a nuisance, I blocked his line and blocked him on all messaging apps. I just didn’t want to hear another word from him.

In March this year, I sent him a message, telling him to come for his stuff in my house. There was a PS4 console he left in my house and some personal belongings. I wanted them off my sight for good. He never came. He kept changing the days. Today he would tell me tomorrow. When tomorrow comes and I call, he would tell me, “I would come around on weekends rather.” Just around that time, there was this guy I was entertaining around me. He had chased me for so long that I decided to give him a chance.

I didn’t want him to come to my place and see male belongings in my room. When I pressed him and he wasn’t coming, I gathered everything in a box and pushed it under my bed. One evening, this my new boyfriend came around to visit. I cooked and we ate. He liked my favorite wine so we both shared a glass and got tipsy at some point. We started getting jiggy and by the time we both realized, we were on the floor.

My door handle turned suddenly. Someone was trying to open my door. He asked, “Are you expecting someone? I said, “No. Nobody comes to see me at this late hour.” The door handle continued shaking. The person was trying to open the door with a key but because I had mine stuck in from behind, the person’s key wasn’t going in. He asked me, “Are you sure you’re not expecting anybody?” I walked to the door and asked, “Who is that?” No response. I screamed again, “Who is that?” He said, “Open the door, I’m coming for my things.” I slapped my forehead and asked, “At this time?” He said, “I was in the neighborhood and decided to come and pick them.”

My boyfriend asked, “Who is that?” I said, “My ex.” He asked, “Are you sure? And he’s here at this time?” I said, “I’m even surprised.”

I opened the door. Immediately he saw my new boyfriend, his face went sour. He asked, “Who’s that in your room at this time?” I said, “Just wait here. I’m going to bring your things.” He screamed, “I’m asking you a question why are you evading?” I said, “It’s none of your business who’s here. Just wait here. I’m going to bring your stuff.” He pushed me aside and went straight for my guy. He asked, “What are you doing in my girlfriend’s room at this time of the night?” I screamed from behind, “Jacob you are getting mad. Who is your girlfriend? When I told you five months ago that it’s over, you thought I was joking?”

I rushed to him and tried pushing him away. He held off my hand and pushed me until I landed on the sofa. He kept screaming, “What are you doing with my girlfriend?  You see I’ve caught you?” I held the back of his trousers, trying to pull him off. All this while, my new boyfriend hadn’t said a word while Jacob kept barking like an angry dog. I was doing everything to pull Jacob off him but I wasn’t strong enough. Jacob held him by the neck and gave him a head kick. Then a fight broke up.

Jacob was stronger. By the time co-tenants came around to separate the fight, my boyfriend was bleeding in the mouth while his teeth prints were all over Jacob’s hand. Even throughout the fight, this boyfriend of mine said no word. When co-tenants succeeded in separating them, he picked his shirt and slowly walked out of the house. Jacob kept screaming, “Wherever you meet me run. The fight just started. Girlfriend snatcher. Go and look for what’s yours.”

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The next day, I had a call. The voice said, “This is Odorkoo police station. A case had been lodged against one Mr. Jacob. He’s saying you’re the witness. By the time I got there, Jacob was already in the cells.

I called this new boyfriend. I said, “I’m sorry for the hurt. I’m so embarrassed I don’t know how to face you but forgive me. That’s all I can ask for. I’m sorry you have to go through all that just because of me.” He said, “It’s in the hands of the police, let’s see how it goes.”

That was the end of us. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel like ever being in a relationship again. I was empty. I was scared. I had no feelings left within me. I was loveless. I walked around the house and felt like everyone was talking about me. When they laughed, I said to myself, “They are judging me. They don’t know half of the story yet they are talking behind my back.”

The new boyfriend didn’t call me again. He was hurt I know. I believe he’s thinking I had a boyfriend and I didn’t tell him. What became of Jacob and the police case?

I don’t really know. I know he spent the night behind bars but what happened afterward, I didn’t care to know. I wanted to just forget about the whole episode and go on with my life.


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